Apprenticeship Programs

Media Studies & Journalism Apprenticeship Programs

The MSJ Department offers apprenticeship programmes. By definition, an apprentice is a person who learns the skills of a specific craft or trade by receiving hands-on training from someone who is already an expert. By working with an expert in the field, the apprentice will learn the necessary techniques and theoretical knowledge to work independently in the future. The apprenticeship programme covers the fields of film, photography, journalism (print, electronic and online), public relations and animation. The objectives of the programme are to boost the MSJ Department’s peer teaching methodology; to create core student groups that can assist the MSJ Department in its conduct of internal and external activities; to facilitate student communication within the MSJ Department and with other Departments in the university through various media tools; and to develop advanced skills of students passionate in particular media forms and channels. The fields, expected outputs and descriptions of the apprenticeship programmes are summarized as follows:

The ULABian

Radio CampBuzz





ULAB Animation Studio