Curriculum Integration

The Curriculum Integration Programme was established to facilitate faculty and students from various year levels and study concentrations to work together and learn from each other. It has two primary objectives. First, it utilizes active learning approaches to enhance the educational experience of students. Second, it encourages students to look inward — to reflect on their own personalities, aspirations and identities. The Department believes that students must be comfortable and confident with themselves before they can positively contribute to others. Every semester, the MSJ Department launches an exhibit to facilitate curriculum integration. Each exhibit is based on a philosophical/sociological concept and/or theory, which is used to guide and harmonize student outputs as well as ground them in communication-related perspectives. The exhibit brings together the works of students, which includes research paper presentations, communication campaign materials, visual art, digital art, photography and film exhibitions.


Semester Topic of Curriculum Integration
Summer 2019 The Social Norms Theory
Spring 2019 The Broken Windows Theory
Fall 2018 Youth Empowerment
Summer 2018 The Bystander Effect
Spring 2018 Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Fall 2017 Resilient Universities, Resilient Students
Summer 2017 Pollyanna Complex
Spring 2017 Fakers, Haters and Stalkers: The Urgency of Social Media Literacy
Fall 2016 Of Panopticons and Reverse Panopticons
Summer 2016 In a Spiral of Silence…
Spring 2016 In a Culture of Fear…
Fall 2015 Taxes: Who Benefits? Who Pays?
Summer 2015 Mutually Hurting Stalemates
Spring 2015 The Power of Positive Deviance
Fall 2014 Bangladesh’s Public Sphere: Going…Going…Gone?
Summer 2014 Transition, Trajectories and Turning Points
Spring 2014 The Art of Governance
Fall 2013 How We Know What We Know
Summer 2013 Inclusion or Exclusion: Your Choice Bangladesh
Spring 2013 Documenting Me the Bangladeshi
Fall 2012 Risking it all in Bangladesh
Summer 2012 Lies, Lies and More Lies: Uncovering Deception in Bangladesh
Spring 2012 Life is a Stage: Dramatism in Bangladesh
Fall 2011 Complexity of the Bangladeshi Mind
Summer 2011 Frames of Bangladesh
Spring 2011 Patterns of Bangladesh
Fall 2010 Happiness in Bangladesh Real, Reel or Unreal?
Summer 2010 Emerging Faces, Portraits and Identities of Bangladesh
Spring 2010 Rise of the Machines: Technology and Life in Bangladesh
Fall 2009 Love You…Hate You: Family Dialectics in Contemporary Bangladesh
Summer 2009 Faces, Masks and Identities of Bangladesh’s New Generation