Media Lab

The media lab possesses equipment for photography and videography. Aside from these, it has editing panels using iMac computers. Students utilize the media lab for projects in film production, TV production, advertising, development communication, journalism and created private media courses.



MSJ Department has an equipped studio for video shooting. In different course and apprenticeship programme students use this for indoor shooting purpose. Also, they are using green wall for chroma key shooting.


Radio Booth

The radio booth can be used for sound recording and for sound transmission. It is connected to speakers – placed in the public spaces of the university.


Transmission Room

The transmission room relays content relating to ULAB TV to four monitors located in various public spaces of the university.


Screening Room

The screening room can fit 30 students. It was constructed for purposes of viewing and analyzing films and other audio-visual forms.


Computer Lab

The university has six computer labs and more than 200 windows-based computers. Students use the computer lab for multimedia production projects.



The gallery is utilized to display the creative visual outputs of students. This includes photographs, sketches, sculptures and posters.


The university has its main library in Campus A. Aside from the collection of books, journals and periodicals, the library has access to online resources. For media studies and journalism students, the online resources include those from AMIC, ICA, GA, IAMCR and Communication Initiative.