BSS Course Distribution

Four Year Course Description



Year 1

Term 1


MSJ11101 Communication Concepts and Theories

CSE101 Introduction to Computer Applications

ENG101 Basic English and Learning Skills

Term 2


MSJ11102 Communication Research

ENG102 Fundamentals of English I

GED100 Bangladesh Studies

Term 3


MSJ11103 Figures and Numbers for Communication Majors

ENG103 Fundamentals of English II

GED101 Bangla Bhasha



Year 2

Term 4


MSJ11211 Mass Communication

MSJ11212 Introduction to Journalism

MSJ11213 Principles of Public Relations

GED201 World Civilization

Term 5


MSJ11214 Convergence Communication 1

MSJ11201 English for Media

MSJ11203 Communication and Technology

GED Elective 1

Term 6


MSJ11215 Convergence Communication 2

MSJ11202 Bangla for Media

Major 1

GED Elective 2



Year 3

Term 7


Major 2

Major 3

Minor 1

GED Elective 3

Term 8


Major 4

Major 5

Minor 2

MSJ11301 Critical Thinking and Logic

Term 9


Major 6

Major 7

Minor 3

MSJ Elective 1



Year 4

Term 10


Major 8

Minor 4

MSJ Elective 2

MSJ11401 Development Communication

Term 11


Major 9

Minor 5

MSJ11411 Media and the Law

MSJ11402 Ethics in Media and Communication

Term 12


MSJ11498 Internship or Project

MSJ11499 Internship or Project